and now my watch begins: (almost) 7 years of sobriety my way, aka staying sober while staying woke


a follow up to my zine of making it to almost 7 years sober, this zine goes a bit more in-depth into, among other things:

❤ my experience in various recovery programs, including AA (xtian), refuge recovery (buddhist), moderation management, and SMART recovery (secular) and what I've felt were the strengths and challenges of those programs so far
❤ the history of substances as a tool of capitalism, colonialism, and slow genocide against black and brown people
❤ the overwhelming white, cis, straightness of recovery communities, in general
❤ the role of unresolved trauma in creating addiction and systematic traumas marginalized people face.
❤ building my own personal recovery program and what that's been like to maintain so far

this zine recognizes the merit of any effort you make to reduce harm in your life. by healing yourself, you are helping heal the world, and I am rooting for you!

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